In the beginning…

How does one who loves everything meaty, stuffed with sausage, roasted, caramelized, sizzling and dripping with fat, fall hopelessly in love with one who is sweet, tender, leafy, tofu, quinoa, namaste and more?


On our first “date” (well it wasn’t a date, it was brunch) she ordered Eggs Benedict and gave me the ham.  I thought, “This girl is cool! She’s vegetarian, and NOT militant!”.  That was just about 3 years ago.

Today, we are full on in love, co-habitating with a dog, a cat and a love for all things good & flavorful.  Through our journey I have been introduced to a new wonderful world of textures, flavors and some things I never new existed before.  Yup, I’ve been to Veg-Fest, Green-Fest, vegetarian restaurants, PCC and even made our own pet food.  Things I never new were possible 5 short years ago. Also during this time I was encouraged to visit the doctor and get my blood work done.  Low and behold I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as a family history with some check marks on the bad side.

If you’ve got to change, might as well blog about it.  This will be a glimpse into our world and report on what we like, where we go, and what we discover.  I look back on some days where meat doesn’t even enter the picture, and it’s cool.  There are those days when I give into the demon inside and take down some pork belly in a big bad way.

Today for example, we are looking forward to going to my best buddies house for dinner this weekend.  He has a very nice menu planned with Prime Rib as well as salad, scalloped potatoes and vegetable.  After discussing the menu via email, he sends a panicked note back where his wife reminded him my girl is vegetarian.  We must have to change the main course is demanded. Remember when I said my gal is cool?  Well she is because one of the things that gets under her garter is when people go out of their way when planning for our menu.  I indicated please don’t change, she will be fine with the bevy of meatless goodies, yet he still wanted to completely reboot the bounty.

So, I’ll report back if he took the advice of simply adding a roasted portobello mushroom, or not.

The New Meat and Potatoes is a blog dedicated to everyone who loves to embrace the ying and the yang of  life.  We love each other more each day when we can celebrate the diversity of our tastes.

Stay tuned!


One response to “In the beginning…

  1. This is really cool Im looking forward to the next post 🙂

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