Taking Stock

First step, take stock of what we have (or don’t) in the fridge and the cupboards.
Next step, try to get some inspiration on what would kick butt on the taste buds.
Then the last step, execution.

If you think about it, that’s also a lot like life. We are all dealt a certain deck of cards. Sometimes we beat the house, and sometimes the house takes it all away. But we cope with what we are dealt.

Recently I have been taking stock of what I have in my personal fridge and cupboards, and I am pleasantly surprised that it’s different than what I had expected. You see a few years ago I went through a rough personal patch. I had a hard time believing in myself and what I could accomplish. It was tough, but it also was good to re-discover myself. So today the situation is different, and the cupboards are pretty full.

Even though I’m dealing with a new deck of cards, and they are not what I want, I know that I have enough to get through based on my personal stock. I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about personal image, faith and talent. The new items have everything to do with change. I personally like change, it makes us stronger.

So I’ve taken stock, now what’s next? Inspiration. For the last couple years I have been writing for work every day. It’s actually been great. Copy, scripts, concepts and all kinds of consulting work. But it feels weird to write for myself because, well it’s just different. I recently decided to re-read “On Writing” by Stephen King. It’s been so awesome because I know it’s inside me, and Mr. King is helping to bring it out in a different way. There is the inspiration, you have the tools in your toolbox.

Now, execution. Writing every day. Here it is. This is it, just do it! I started this blog over 6 months ago with the idea that I could share what it was like for a carnivore to be in love with a vegetarian. Now fast forward to today and I realize that it’s more than our culinary points of view. It’s our total point of view. My fridge and cupboard would not be as full if it wasn’t for her. Her love, support, kindness and trust has really brought me to this point of being completely solid in my ability to do everything and anything, no matter what kind of hand I have been dealt. Therefore our points of view on life, love, honor, friends and more are The New Meat and Potatoes.

So welcome to the next – first day of this blog. Oh yeah, what’s for dinner? Something amazing!


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