Changing Attitudes

Reflection is kind of an amazing thing. Looking at yourself and seeing change is not easy for most people. It’s like realizing your someone else, and then coming to terms with it.

When I have my consultant hat on, it’s very easy for me to recommend change as a way to bring on new efficiencies. I’m a huge believer in the philosophy that it’s not what you do, it’s HOW you do it that sets any organization apart from the pack. Thank you Dov Seidman. I completely believe this on a personal level as well, but implementing personal change is a challenge.

Probably the most tangible example is simply getting in shape. Easy enough to envision, easy enough to talk about, but putting it into daily practice is hard! It’s my goal to work out 6 days a week and I’ve been doing it for a little over a week. I expected to see higher results in weight loss due to the new dedicated routine, and have been disappointed. I had it in my mind I would start dropping weight like crazy just like when I was younger.

Through my disappointment I have been able to find a new attitude on HOW to lose weight and get in shape. The exercise is only one of the keys to success as I push 50 years of age. The other part of the equation is changing my diet as well as habits that surround food and my obsession with all things gourmet. Today it’s no longer the journey to find the perfect bite, but the journey to find the bite that perfectly fits my new lifestyle.

The focus has changed. I no longer am disappointed with the fact I’m not dropping weight like crazy, but excited about how good I feel and welcome the abundance of new energy that is a direct result from the daily workout routine. The fun byproduct of this change is that after the workouts I think more clearly about what healthy nutrition choices need to be part of the next meal. It’s empowering and eventually the weight will come off. I know that for a fact.

Therefore I am welcoming the next attitude to change, patience.


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