A few days ago, we went to a celebration for our friends daughters graduation party, as well as kind of a pre-function for her upcoming celebratory trip to Maui.

The event was nice. Lots of family and friends we normally see at their gatherings. The weather sucked, but then again thats the kind of chance you take living in the northwest.

Everyone was to bring some kind of “gourmet item” to share, the kind of request I always look forward to.

A few weeks ago I was in the mood for a really good egg salad sandwich. So I went toward making the standard, but half way through the process the decision was made to tweak the recipe to include ingredients that make my deviled eggs extraordinary. And, it kicked ass.

The following day, the love of my life was working in the yard, and was hungry. I matched the egg salad left overs with some fresh Guacamole on a cracker, and she absolutely loved it. Something new was born.

During the creative process while deciding what to bring for the graduation celebration, I thought of this wonderful mixture I had concocted. Some kind of California Deviled Egg thingy, deconstructed. It had the goods, so what the hell.

I made it, layered the Guac first, then the deviled egg mixture in the platter and matched it with some new fangled baked Ritz crackers.

The deconstructed comfort mixture sat among all of the other items. A watermelon salad paired with feta cheese, grilled items, burgers, dogs and more. There was a delicious quinoa curry chicken dish as well, which for some reason was barely touched.

I love to watch the “what is this” look that turns into the delight of something familiar and crave-able. A beautiful transformation. Lots of different people, those who knew each other, and those who did not, began to comment and gush about this weird yet tasty culinary slam dance.

Then, one of the more flamboyantly vocal regular family members was pairing the deconstruction delight along with some lime kissed Tostito chips and could not get enough. Much like life, when you pair something familiar, with something zesty, amazing things happen.

I am a huge fan of deconstruction. In the last few years I have been in awe of filmmakers who deconstruct stories well told, and then bring them to a new audience such as Batman Begins and the latest Star Trek film. Those are golden nuggets of joy I savor again and again.

I think I’ll take what I’ve learned from deconstructing egg salad, into other creative efforts…..and then watch what happens.


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