The water, the cool air, the wildlife, the vista. This one place, is like no other place on earth. Calm. Serene. Beautiful. Peaceful.

Aside from the occasional boat or ferry noise, it’s so quiet……it’s inspirational.

Last night we discovered the tale of how they came upon this sanctuary. In the mid 1950’s this blissful piece of property on Lopez Island was purchased for $800. OMG! Seems so petty by today’s standards, but think about the time and place everyone was in that era. The new owner worked 3 jobs with multiple kids and a wife who spoke frank and for her time was extremely driven. She was against the purchase, the land was too much money out of pocket, and for what? A bunch of dirt, trees and critters that overlooked a bay in the little known San Juan islands.

But the old owner wanted to sell and they struck a deal for $10 per month. The new owners threw caution to the wind and took a chance. A chance to make a difference for so many down the road.

From that point many seasons passed. First a concrete slab was poured, then a structure with 2 rooms. Then they added a living room. Year’s later a kitchen, a bathroom, and recently satellite TV.

The next generation constructed an a amazing deck which completely frames the experience, plus a bunkhouse for the kids, friends and the frequent guests.

Thing is, no matter how many adults, kids, or dogs this location has a spiritual energy I have never felt before. Right now my fingers are typing on a wireless keyboard with a bluetooth connection to one of the new tablet computers that makes life grand. It might as well be a piece of parchment, pen and ink well which helped change the world so many years ago. It doesn’t matter. It’s still a way of putting down this inspiration that overcomes my every sense of being.

It’s moments like these, where everything seems to just come together. Problems are small. Love is grand. Friends are so important. And life… just so amazing.


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