Yesterday’s Given Sunday

A beautiful day, a beautiful idea
Let’s take top off the car, and put a shine on the afternoon
Throw the worries to the wind, and take a drive into the past

Together we take the long way, through roads less traveled
Sun in our eyes, the wind whistling through our hair
We pass old and new
Twists and turns newly discovered
And familiar places fondly remembered

We discover the new location of her guide
A simple design with peace in mind
She stops and gently takes it all in
This is where she can find her balance again
Though far away, worth the time to find

The we move on to see her beginnings
Where she first came from afar
Where she set roots here to grow
To become comfortable in this part of the North
Then to venture out and find her true self
Not what she wanted, but what she was given

We head back the same way
Admiring what we did not see the first time
Taking in the aromas, the sights, the time together
If she had not traveled that path, we may never have found each other
Though the drive we discover just how close our paths had come

Tomorrow looms around the bend
Together we’ll be ready to forge new paths ahead
As for today, we drove into the past
A beautiful day, a beautiful idea


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