Mirror, Mirror

Things happen for a reason.

The last 48 hours have been pretty interesting. Reflection is a pretty amazing thing if you allow yourself to look back and see what is IN the reflection.

You see, I’ve been wrapped up in a few things. An opportunity to work for a very large insurance provider in their Marketing Department courtesy of a professional staffing organization really occupied much of my thoughts, time and focus. To the point where the other things I have been involved in have been put on notice, that if the job comes through it will come first.

So, what are those other things? First, the birthday of my darling, and second coming up this weekend is helping to lead the success of a catering project for over 100 people.

I have been good friends with a very large Catholic family for over 20 years. These people are awesome, and I have been invited to participate in the celebration of one of their family members, a true Sister. She is celebrating 50 years as a Nun. It’s an honor. There will be gourmet food, tasty refreshing beverages and outstanding desserts to mark this awesome occasion. My role, is to make a roasted beet, onion and goat cheese salad, as well as help direct the volunteers to ensure the event comes off smooth as silk. We’ve spent weeks talking, testing recipes, planning layout, execution and planning on generally being of service.

The following week, my girl has a birthday. She self describes it as a birthday without milestone, but it’s a celebration none the less. We have some cool plans, but they have been loose until we know what’s going on with the Marketing opportunity.

In both cases, I have made it known that if the gig comes through, that’s first on the list. I would not be able to give the other two as much time and attention as I would like. Everyone has understood and gratefully approves.

So today, I had the big interview. Over the past 5 days I have dedicated many hours “cramming” for this interview, slated to last an hour. The job revolves around the new Health Care Reform law. Therefore, as one who loves to be as informed as possible, I dove in head first. I now understand what issues insurance companies must come into compliance for in the upcoming months. I studied what the insurance companies stance, writing style, Mission, Vision and Values are. I was READY.

I went in, and really had a good interview, although short. It lasted less than 20 minutes. I felt good, this could be really cool. Helping shape the message of what this means to millions of people.

Then the call came. The scope of the job had changed, and although they thought the interview went extremely well, and they loved who and what I stood for, they passed because they felt I was over qualified and I would be “bored”.

I loathe rejection. It is what I run from and am affected by more than anything else. More than the money, more than seeing how this very large, mulit-layered company would operate, it was the “sorry, but they are going to pass” that cut through like a rusty sword.

As I’ve stated in past submissions, today I am going to change and do things different. While processing the news, I realized that this is supposed to happen. I need to focus my time and energies on what IS important. Making the celebration of a Nun who has dedicated her life to helping people,be the best event it can possibly be. Making a birthday epic for someone who is in my corner even when I am not. Yeah, finding a good well paying gig is important, but today it will be throttled back enough to truly give focus to the other things on my plate that may have been compromised.

Things happen for a reason.

As I write this on my iPad, I can see my reflection in the glass, and I’m proud of what I see.


2 responses to “Mirror, Mirror

  1. great post, doug. thank you for clarifying something that is so easily missed for most. i hope others will read and evaluate what they are “supposed” to be doing–it is often not what we think. you are an excellent writer!

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