What’s most important? What’s next? Why? Just plain why? Questions that rattle around in our brains sometimes. When change is a big part of your life, you find these in front of you more often.

I purposely have not written much recently. I felt like much of my messages have been along the same vein, and I needed a new point of view. That, plus life was getting in the way with a variety of things, distractions and excuses why not to take the time. So, time to clear away the cobwebs and get clear.

Last Sunday we did something I have never done. At least in my adult life. We decided to take the time and drive the North Cascades loop. Ok, not the entire loop, but I-5 to Highway 20 East, down through Chelan, to Wenachee and then back West across Highway 2.

I knew it would be a long treck. 10 hours I guessed. It was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm and inviting. We bought some road snacks, took the top off the 1990 Miata and hit the road.

What struck me most was the diverse changes in landscape, scenery and style. Between Concrete and Winthrop amazing mountain peaks, incredible vistas, glacier blue river water and sudden changes in temperature from one moment to the next. In Eastern Washington diverse changes from baron desert into lush fields of fruit and produce through the simple process of irregation. Back again into Western Washington on Highway 2 at about 10pm which ground to a traffic standstill because of the lack of simple infrastucture through Startup and Goldbar.

It really was an incredible 12 hours. We took in everything the trip had to offer, on all emotional levels, and afterwards many things were abundanlty clear.

First, it was all important. The decision to make the trip, the views, the wonder, the time. What’s next….who knows? I was thinking at multiple stages of the trip that many many years ago, this region was buried more than a mile of ice. Why? Because that’s natures way. A drop of rain will fall and flow either east or west depending on what side of the mountain it falls. The rain drop can’t control which way it wants to go, it just travels upon the route it falls into. Simple rules of nature.

As humans have the ability to reason and make changes on our own, sometimes it is best for all of us to try not to control everything, and just be patient. Let nature and chance do what naturally happens. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to do your best, put your best foot forward and be proactive on making your way in the world. But you can only do so much to try and make things go your way.

In taking the time to wonder at the awesome power of nature, I find clarity in it’s beauty and random order. I’m going to take some advice from a young friend and throw caution to the wind and truly watch my life begin.


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