A few days ago, my bud for many decades called and suggested we should spend some quality time together. We’re just two dudes who grew up together, once owned a business together, been through love and loss, and still endeavor to hang out every once and a while. You know, a Man Date.

We set the date, and left the departure time and what we would do to chance. The date approached, and the weather, which should have been a beautiful late August sun filled thrill, turned to disappointment. Instead of saying damn the torpedoes, and turn our heads into the storm, we set out sights east and decided to chase the sun.

That’s the advantage of living in an area like Washington. Just one hour east of Seattle, you can cross the Cascade Mountains and find sun and a warm climate on the other side.

We headed for a place that has memories for both of us. Just over the I-90 pass, is little ol’ George, home to the Gorge Amphitheater. We’ve seen all kinds of music acts there, both together and individually. That location holds some cool memories from out past.

Right next to one of the coolest music venues in the world, is Cave B Winery. A gorgeous location that offers up some amazing wine. That would be our place to hang out, enjoy and imbibe.

On the way over we discussed all kinds of things. Where we are in life, where we want to go in life, and what stands in our way (politics). We asked ourselves serious questions. One of the largest was what are we going to eat? Better get some vittles.

We stopped at one of my favorite shops in the whole world. The Sausage shop in Cle Elum. These guys do the whole smoked meat and sausage thing better than most. We picked up an assortment of meat, cheese and crackers and continued on our Man Trek.

The nice thing about this particular mid week venture, is having the gift of time. We took back roads, looked at scenery that was reserved to non vehicles not that many years ago. In other words, we meandered our way to awesomeness.

Upon arriving at Cave B, the wind was blowing pretty strong, but the temp was in the mid 80’s and life was good. We tasted some wines, made a decision on a bottle and retired to the picnic benches outside overlooking the Gorge.

The main plan was to read, write and discuss, but the food paired with the food quickly melted that plan away. It was one of those moments to stop, take in the scenery, smell the air, taste the local offerings and just plain celebrate the moment.

Everyone says it, but on this August day it really came true. Good friends, good food and good wine equals not just a good time, but one of the best times of our lives.



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